Tom hamilton's american babies


“American Babies began as a side project for Tom Hamilton with a rotating cast of musicians, the lineup has recently solidified to include Hamilton’s longtime partner-in-crime bassist Clay Parnell (Particle, Brothers Past), keyboardist Adam Flicker (The Brakes), drummer Al Smith, and rhythm guitarist Justin Mazer. With American Babies, Hamilton has turned his focus to songwriting and crafting lyrics that share tales of trials and tribulations ranging from working class hard truths and political chaos to personal relationships gone sour.

Fearlessly blending a passion for songwriting with the electronica-based improv rock that Hamilton and Parnell developed with Brothers Past, American Babies are pioneering a new sound — fusing serious songs with an open-ended sense of adventure that encourages full-group improvisation in the live setting.”

“The thing is, when you have nothing to lose it’s pretty freeing,” Hamilton says. “I’ve been poor my entire f—ing life. I have no qualms making art that I really believe in. To write a s— song that sounds like The Lumineers just so I can have one great tour and one great review from Pitchfork and in 12 months be out of a job? I just don’t care.”

- Tom Hamilton in The Washington Post