Colordance music & Arts festival

May 19 & 20, 2017
Pomeroy, OH

ColorDance is a unique music & arts festival that incorporates "color play" which is a physical representation of its major theme: Unity in Diversity

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dance with us!

there's fun for everyone!

- Workshops
- Natural Art Installations
- WiFi Available for Purchase
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- 2 Days of Camping and Music
- All ages permitted
- FREE color play! (2 Days)
- Kids Activities


the down low

Information on musicians, workshops, artists and performers with descriptions and links to social media, videos, and more!

Held at Wisteria Event Site & Campground. Find location and other venue info right here

Here you will find EVERYTHING you need to know about ColorDance; rules and regulations, attractions, and everything in between

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about colordance

The Beginning

ColorDance was born from the friendship of two Ohio University engineering graduate students who shared similar interests. One, a suburban, middle class, music festival enthusiast and the other an international student from India searching for his place in Athens. The more cultured, international student had invited his friend to an ethnic springtime celebration known as Holi. Later, the two wondered what could happen if they combined this type of celebration with the culture of a campout music festival. Those conversations led to the creation of ColorDance


Holi, often referred to as the Festival of Colors, signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forgive and forget, and repair broken relationships. Per tradition, Holi participants decorate themselves in colored powders made from cornstarch and dyes, and smear the colors across their faces and bodies, as well as friends. This activity is commonly referred to as "color play"

what sets us apart

When the crowd throws the many different colors into the air simultaneously, their brief combination creates a visual stimulation that is nearly overwhelming. We adopted this "color play" as a physical representation of our underlying theme - UNITY IN DIVERSITY

The founders of ColorDance believed that by appreciating our differences, we may be able to enrich our interactions with one another; we strip our minds free of judgement and predispositions to make connections that are only attainable in a state of oneness. It is rare that a group reaches this collective understanding and as a society, we strive to achieve this. At ColorDance, we accomplish this feat for one special weekend

volunteers wanted!

ColorDance needs your help to be a success. Apply to volunteer and receive FREE ADMISSION!


We are currently accepting applications for both food and merch vendors