The Details

general rules & Info

- Gates open at 12 PM on Friday, May 19th. Everyone must vacate the property by 3PM Sunday, May 21st.

- Everyone MUST wear the wristband AT ALL TIMES

- No fireworks are allowed in the festival ground including all camping areas

- Absolutely no unlicensed vending on Shakedown St

- When parking, please follow instructions given at the gate

- Firewood will be available for sale

- Showers are available for $5




The Colors

The colors are made from a cornstarch base and totally non-toxic dyes. For more information visit


no glass bottles, period

We like to be barefoot, and most of you do too from what we gather. Let's make it safe to do so! Glass bottles will be confiscated upon arrival, so please plan ahead!


pet policy

Absolutely no pets allowed. Only service animals! Service animals must have proper paperwork and proof up rabies shots



Think green, we are a team

We only have ONE Earth, so TOGETHER in UNITY we must take all measures to protect our planet. At ColorDance, we have taken several measures to help reduce our festival's carbon footprint. Read below!


You will find several water spigots in the campground, with clean drinking water. You can stay hydrated for cheap AND by refilling our water bottles we can reduce the amount of plastic consumed! 


In efforts to reduce our waste we have asked Zero Waste Event Productions (ZWEP) to lead our cleanup crew. ZWEP provides and monitors all trash and recycling receptacles, actively sorting the waste for compostable and recyclable materials in efforts to divert waste from the landfill. Just last year, at Wisteria, ZWEP was able to divert nearly 70% of the waste from Paradise Music & Arts Festival. Help us reach our goal of 100% by packing with sustainability in mind!


One of the largest environmental impacts from any large event is the emissions generated from traveling vehicles. Everyone has to get there, right? To help reduce this inevitable impact, we ask that everyone make an attempt at carpooling with friends. To encourage carpooling, each vehicle will be charged a $15 parking pass